Welcome to Becoming Crystal Clear Communications

Understanding and being understood is a lifelong challenge between just two people. Add in children, parents, siblings, in-law family, and cherished friends and the task of communicating can become a mind-numbing impossibility.

But – there are ways to help one person understand another – simple tools and powerful chunks of knowledge that can make family life less daunting.

Becoming Crystal Clear is about how an individual’s brain language works and organizes the world. Discover how you learn, how time works for or against you, and how to create goals that your unique brain will accept as possible.

Do you, naturally, see a forest or a single tree? Either is healthy and natural, but each mindset handles things very differently.

Are you driven by time or by project? One might think the other was rude or overstressed but really, it is all about a very deep perspective that, when understood, can ease a great deal of relationship stress.

Do you move toward something better or away from something worse? Both are natural and valid, but handled very differently in goal accomplishment!

Is reality what is happening right now or is it truly somewhere down the road? Knowing how you and your family members view this important facet of brain language will make daily living easier to work around the natural differences that can otherwise cause disappointment.

These are just a few questions that are answered in the BCCC classes and lectures when you learn the many unique brain patterns of communicating.

It is possible to understand and to be understood by people who think very differently from your own natural and comfortable patterns.

We invite you to let our Becoming Crystal Clear mentors help you discover how much better family life can be just by knowing and working with the similarities and differences that make each family member so uniquely fascinating.