My Time Truth etudiante cherche rencontre belgique rencontre a mada Where Do I Live – Past, Present or Future?

gratis dejting utan registrering regler rencontres louvain la neuve A person can be a mix of these orientations and as always, the ideal is to develop all aspects.

Future Paced

This orientation type is focused on the future, does well with planning, and sometimes is so focused on the future that misses things in the present or is unable to learn from the past. Can see things that are coming and can see problems before they arise. Can adapt to changes in plans. Can see future consequences of current actions. Is more about the future, less worried about today and can shrug off the past. Needs to protect against planning but never doing because planning is future and doing is present. Needs to protect against worrying about something when it is too early to do anything about it.

Past Absorbed

This type of orientation is in the past of the individual. It is very difficult for them to see into the future. They can learn from the past or they can be stuck in the past. Because focusing on the past has a tendency to be depressing or unmotivated it may be desirous to broaden the focus. This can be done by working on the attitude and mental discipline, setting goals and including a focus on eternity. The older a person gets, the more they can become Past Oriented. This type of past orientation is a common and therefore a natural process of change. An elderly person who is Past Oriented has the same challenge of any Past Oriented – to view the past as a learning tool, or to dwell in the past.

Present Oriented

This focus here is on what is happening right now. Present could mean things that happen within the next or past several weeks to only those things that are happening today depending on the width of the person’s Present focus. Present orientation could extend on either side of today or just one direction. For example, my husband is Present Oriented. In planning or stressing nothing seems real until the event is three weeks away. With a lot of work, he has moved his focus to six weeks – the first three weeks being casual, “This is going to happen” mentality and the last three weeks being a real and more stressful, “This is going to happen!” intensity. This type of person is very good at dealing with emergencies, in evaluating immediate problems and in enjoying the moments of life. He might have difficulty adjusting to sudden change because he can’t see it coming. He might have difficulty recalling what happened past his present time-frame.

Eternity Focused

Regardless of any other orientation, everybody can benefit from adding in an Eternity orientation. This gives meaning to life and direction beyond anything that happens to an individual.

Ancient Past Perspective

This is a perception of things before the life of the individual. Genealogists, Historians, Writers are among those who can have an Ancient Past Perspective. This is not the same as a Past Absorbed in that it really isn’t connected to them but because of their enjoyment of that perspective, it is accessed from time to time.  This can also happen when somebody gets engrossed in any time period through study or reading.  It is very effective in learning lessons from the past, likening our day to another, etc.  This type of orientation is used often in the scriptures through recounting the deeds of ancestors and prophets and in the spiritual importance of remembering what and who came before.

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