Perception Choices

The Communication Dance and Beyond – Personalities

This class is all about the way the world is perceived through choice. My Rule/Your Rule/God’s Rule, Internal Dialogue, Self Talk, Remembering/Constructing, Being Resourceful and Ignoring Objections to name just a few techniques that will be discussed. Two very similar examples:

Internal Dialogue

This is the conversation y0u hear in your head about what you think other people are thinking, perceiving, or feeling. You choose  the internal dialogue, you have control over it – simply because it has not been spoken aloud by anybody else. Learn how to develop the dialogue to your own benefit and to avoid the destructive emotions that comes from negative Internal Dialogue.

Self Talk

This is when you talk to yourself. Internal Dialogue is when you imagine yourself talking to another person or imagine what they are saying and thinking. Self Talk is a personal monologue. Here you are 100% free to choose the talk. Learn how to build a positive and believable self talk pattern.


  • My Rule/Your Rule/God’s Rule
  • Resourceful
  • Reframing
  • Rapport
  • Right or Happy?
  • Ignoring Objections
  • Collecting Straws
  • Patterns and Culture

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