Focused on Value

On Time? At Least I’m Here! – Time Driven vs. Project Driven

The ultimate communicator develops and appropriagely uses both techniques.

Intersecting Time – Time Responsive

This is relating to time at specific points, on schedule, prompt, and punctual.  These people tend to be stressed when late, irritated by people who move through time and consider them rude.  The expect that the time they put into something will result in equal success. They time their projects starting and stopping points. Examples can be found in the scriptures such as when a specific moment of time fulfilled a prophecy.  These times included Christ’s birth, the future moment of the Second Coming, the opening of the various Seals each representing a thousand years. It is found in jobs starting and specific time, in clocking in, in public school schedules.

Moving Through Time – Project Responsive

This is relating to time by going from one project to another.  These people get there when they get there.  They are more patient with other people’s time problems.  It is hard to get them out of the door as there is always one more project to do first.  They are stressed when there is a time deadline.  They often feel that Time Intersectors are not flexible just as the Time Intersectors often feel that these “always late” Time Travelers are rude.  An example from the scriptures would be the earth being created through seven “stages” or days, one part of creation being finished and then another started.  Another example would be last day events, one thing flowing into another or overlapping but no specific with recognizable moment of time to say, “This is when it happened.” It is found in working with babies and young children, on relaxing vacations that don’t have to be constantly meeting a deadline, and in a home school where projects have more value than the clock. They can work with time but do best when they only have to intersect a few critical times each day such as dinnertime, a child’s bedtime, starting and stopping a work day at a work.

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