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Cherie Logan is a family life mentor, author, public speaker, homeschooling coach, doula, childbirth educator, nursing coach, grief and trauma management coach, an expert on personal and family communication, and member of the Family Life Coaching Group.



Cherie Logan’s mentoring has been invaluable to me over the course of twenty years. Her wisdom, insight and ­ frankly ­ her spiritual gifts as a mother and educator, have been a beacon of inspiration to me and my family. I don’t know where we’d be without the things we learned from her and saw in practice in her family. I highly recommend her as a mentor!

Rachel DeMille, co-author of the Thomas Jefferson Education books and resources


      Growing up, I was friends with Cherie’s children. I spent many happy hours playing at their house! Cherie maintained a wonderful spirit in her home and amazed me with her abilities as a mother. She made every child feel special and loved, and she put so much care into teaching her children well.

     Her family moved when I was a teenager, but a few years later they returned to my house for a visit. Cherie and I stayed up later than the rest of the household on a few occasions, and I had the privilege of listening to her teach me one-on-one. I don’t know if she realized that I thought of our conversations that way, but I remember trying to absorb as much wisdom as possible in the short time we had!

     I have loved the Logan family for as long as I have known them, and I admire Cherie Logan greatly and am delighted to call her a friend.

Carrie Coleman Rose, Hometaught, BYU Graduate, Tutor at Lane Community College


I have known Cherie Logan since 1986 when I met her through my husband who had known her since high school.  From the time we have met, Cherie has helped me numerous times in coaching me through emotion stresses from traumatic experiences in one hour sessions for over a year. She has also mentored me in dealing with the death of my husband.  She has also been very helpful and knowledgeable in teaching me principles to raise our nine children. 

Cherie started us on our path to homeschool and has been a caring friend.  She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of raising children and was especially helpful in teaching me how to help my children during their teen years. She was also helpful in teaching me how to appreciate my role in womanhood which was significant in understanding myself as a wife and mother. She has a good listening ear and can feel instinctively how to help others in family rearing and organization.

I am most please to recommend Cherie Logan as a mentor and a public speaker on topics including the training and raising of all aged children, homeschooling, organizing a home, and emotional healing from traumatic experiences.

After reading “Chords” on emotional healing and “Before, Now and Forever: A Christ Created Family” both written by Cherie Logan, I asked her to be one of the contributing authors for a book I was writing called Home Is Where The Learning Is: Homeschool Lifestyles from Homeschool Moms.  She wrote a 7,300 word chapter (30 pages) called “Living a Homeschool Lifestyle over a Lifetime”. This book has been by far the most successful of my four books as it has been a great tool for mothers to learn how to homeschool their children. 

 Her chapter has been a great influence in writing my article, “The Common Sense of Homeschooling”, which has been syndicated over 200 times in internet magazines since 2006.

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 Valerie J. Steimle

Valerie J. Steimle is an author, weekly columnist – Thoughts from the Heart for the Gulf Coast Newspaper, Robertsdale , Alabama, Weekly Online Columnist – Bonds That Tie the Family for More Good Foundation in Orem, Utah, Contributing Writer For Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune, ksl.com through deseretconnect.com, Yahoo Contributor, Ideamarketers.com, and mommyblog.com,Vice-President (2010-2011) and President (2012-2013) of the Chapter of the American Night Writer’s Association—The Writer’s Room Chapter, County Representative for Day Spring Academy-Homeschool Cover for Alabama-Baldwin County and has served in presidencies of several women’s, teen, and children’s organizations. Her books, Home is Where the Heart Is, Home Is Where the Learning Is: Homeschool Lifestyles by Homeschool Moms, Of One Heart: Being Single in the LDS World, and Dogs, Blogs, and Hobbits: Writings from a Widow’s Perspective are available at Amazon.com. She is the mother of nine children and lives in Alabama.

Cherie Logan’s lectures that have held the most interest to me and that have been the most helpful in my life are the ones on nursing babies and toddlers, The Real Time-out and Other Principles in Guiding Children, Becoming Crystal Clear Communication Classes, It Gets Easier which covers The Communication Stages of Teens, Second Witnesses and other Guilt-Free Concepts, How to Teach Your Children About Sex and Moral Values, and How to Heal Your Family from Abuse. I use things that she has taught me on a daily basis. I’ve encouraged her for years to share her vast knowledge of mothering and womanhood and I’m happy to recommend her coaching, classes, and lectures to everyone.

Sonja Richie, mother

One of the many things I remember and loved about the Logan household was how family oriented they were. Both parents made their family their number one priority and it showed. They had a lot of unity and peace.  

Rebecca Goodwin, homeschooled child, homeschooling mother

Cherie Logan has been my friend and unofficial mentor for over 20 years. She helped me decide to homeschool my children, which was one of the best decisions I ever made. When she lived nearby, she showed me how to make the homeschooling lifestyle work for me and my family. I would never have continued if not for her support. She is an amazing mother and uses many wonderful systems that are great for training children and keeping order in the home.I learned so much through my association with her through the years. You will never regret using her services. She is a kind, wise, and caring person and I recommend her highly.

Ruth Coleman, Homeschooling Mother and Musician

“My Wife died on 08-22-11.  I was in the room, but not by her side at the last moment.  I thought it was important to write down the emotions I was feeling in this her final hour.  Problem was it was not her final hour; it was her final few minutes.  I glanced up from my keyboard and she drew her last breath.
     In an instant her fight was over, my battle had just begun.  People claim there are distinctive stages of grieving, I disagree.  For me it was flood of emotions and feelings that are so interwoven that one thing can set off a chain reaction.  Having Pain, Anger, or Depression is normal or so I’m told.  The problem lies when grief becomes so crippling that the survivor ceases to function normally. 
     I had all those feelings and more; plus physical panic attacks that sent me to the emergency room multiple times.
It was not until four months after the fact that I could even define what was happening to me.  I had a level of guilt I had never experienced before.  It took someone like Cherie Logan to calm me WITHOUT medication.  She walked me through a form of meditation and reminded me of Eternal truths.  Her personal experiences and spirituality helped keep me grounded, so that I could press forward.
I came to the realization that I would never hurt my spouse while she was alive; so I had no right to hurt her now.  When you hurt yourself, you hurt the ones you love, whether you realize it or not.  My guilt was not a matter of her forgiving me.  I already knew how much she loved me.  I had to forgive myself to show her how much I love her.   Cherie made that possible, for which I will always be eternally grateful.

Tedric Garrison, Husband, Father and Author